Ludum Dare is coming up! I should make Bit Circuit!

Looks like Ludum Dare is here again this weekend, neat! Last time we did this, I pumped out Jack Bean: The Stalkening with James. Good stuff. We worked a bit on it and put in some music, which really helped pull things together.

Then, after many graphical polish updates, released it on Android. Good stuff.

We might be making another game or two for Ludum Dare, so that’s cool. We already have some ideas about the different top themes. I personally am hoping for Shape Shifting.

I will be making Shifty Shapes regardless, probably.

Lastly, I had a look at my old dev list and realised that it was over a year ago that I made Bit Circuit, and then updated the look a tad…

So I want to get back on that and make it happen. I like my Bit Universe, and I’m looking forward, again, to bringing about a more immersive overall experience with the Guy Bits Banner.


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