Blender 101. Made a dude.

So! I think this is about as far as I am going to go with the website for the time being. This is the “updated style”. I think it is pretty neat. Definitely more modern than previous.

I spent the weekend making this guy and that has been a good experience. I have gotten sick of making code that no one can, well, appreciate. Most people simply do not know how hard programming can be, or now a few dozen lines of code could have taken a day to write because of some obscure error.

I’m definitely having more fun with this, too. It is very gratifying to have stuff immediately after you spend a bunch of time working on it. Very different to writing code for a number of systems. Hooray, my procedural generation works finally? You can probably imagine how different it is comparatively to making a model and animating it. Like. That is visible progress right there.


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