Release Time!

Get Never Tell Me The Odds for Android on Google Play!

Completely coincidentally (seriously, I went to work and a few hours into the day) realised that my Star Wars Reference Game was released on May The 4th! Neat!

The game even has its own subreddit!

I guess they have been prepping for this release for a while since the subreddit has been around for years!

James did wonderful work again, so here is another plug to his soundcloud – cheers for the music, friend!

All in all it has been a fun game to tinker around with and finally put out there. I think it’s fun, I hope you do too.


May Update

May update

This month and months moving towards I am going to try and push Guy Bits Games to new heights. I have received offers here and there for game distribution and you know what? With a few updates and more releases, it might be worth it.

I have been working on NTMTO and Bit Circuit this month, and both are nearing completion. They should be out on Google play by June. Stay tuned for more updates.