A month’s time passes.

Hello all, Blaise here. I have not done too much with the website in the past month or two. Indeed, I have not actually updated that sprite-instead-of-numbers thing either. Work is keeping me busy, and holidays are looming ahead. I fear Rock Fighter has seen it’s last updates. I don’t know how to optimise it and I am not sure I care – it works on PC as a little test of a game idea I had, and you can even upload your score to a database on the internet. Neat. Some phones seem to bug out and some tablets seem to not use touch and restricting touch input to disallow double touch to zoom etc. is tiring and painful. I think I will go back to Unity now. On that note, GridLocked will likely be receiving its fair share of my attention. I hope to get the Unity version up and working within, oh, let us just say a month and be done with it. 10th of January tentative Unity release date for GridLocked. Stay Tuned.