Rock Fighter Leaderboard updates

New leaderboard is up and seems to work. You can now submit your most recent score to the leaderboard regardless of whether it is your high score or not. I will make the death menu more clear on that soon. Working on some simple art for the text and such. Might create a sprite map for text and see how that works.

For those interested in why/how –
Why? Because FillText() is an incredibly wasteful function graphics processing-wise.
How? I will basically have to type out all of the letters and numbers into an image file with the style that I want. That is the first, easy step.
The next part is a bit harder – I would have to create a sort of loop that goes through any text I want to put in, finds the coordinates to start from and finish at of the big text spritesheet, and then draw it.

I am thinking I will just keep it to numbers, and even that will be an annoying little job to do. Hopefully it will help improve performance on some devices. Oh! And Windows phone users apparently do not have touch. Hmm. And I have to disable screen movement/zoom/etc. from double taps and what not. So… I will see about fixing that soon enough. I think I will just give everyone mouse/touch options in their menus.


Leaderboard design and issues :/

Hello all, I have found an odd problem in the high score page for submission. Here is the whole thing:
– I want users to just submit a name, and grab the high score from their cookie
– I want users to not be able to spam the same score over and over
– I do not want to bug users for their name over and over
– I want the score submission to be as seamless as possible

To do this I currently ask for your IP address. Yes. I grab it from your computer, ask if a combination of your IP and the highscore is in the database, if not, hey! You have a new high score!

Several problems:
– You may have changed your IP address (and thus, hey! You have a new high score! Even when you do not)
– You may have the same IP address as someone else has or used to have (and thus, if your high score is less, no high score for you, buddy!)

So I either have to suck it up and allow people to spam high scores, in which case only the STRONG will survive, or make people have to, like, log in. Bleh. Maybe I can store a userID variable in the javascript and create an additional cookie using some kind of database userid storage, but when the cookies run out you will not be able to check out your old high scores… but that is already a current problem.

Anyway, just thought I would let you all know that, yes, I am aware that the high score table for Rock Fighter is buggy. I am working very, very slowly on it. I might make some changes soon, but I think I will err on the side of allowing players to re-submit scores and no longer using IP addresses. I will likely use a generated userID in the cookie.

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