Gridlocked comes to the hotseat

So! You may now play Gridlocked as a standalone localgame mode. I’ll update the mobile edition later today to do the same.
In the meantime, I’m working on Overworld which I am hoping will eventually be a nice, big space opera MMO with heaps of player options and fighting strategies and exploration and guild fighting and raiding and… yeah! But I will start small for now.

Here’s hoping that goes well.

Points System Reverted :(

Hello there all. The change was bad, reverting back to the old ways. Actually programmed a “what if you play perfectly every turn?” and it is a solved game where player one will win every game.
So! That’s broken, even if when players choose the best or second best it does even out to about 50/50.
So anyway that is going back. Also, I am working on making this site look prettier. And an executable version of the game – learning the Lightweight Java Game Library…