Gridlocked Roadworks ahead. Proceed Slowly.

So! Much has been done over the last few days. Graphical updates, a records list of your wins/losses/draws has been put on your account page, and, soon – friends lists and direct player game requests! Which means – multiple games at once can be played! I will be working hard on those as the days go on.
For purely academic reasons, of course.

Gridlocked Matchmaking!

Hello all! Some advancements have been made to Gridlocked over the last few days.
You can now:
-Create an account (email authentication pending)
-Log in to that account
-Join a matchmaking game with someone
-Play locally

I’m pretty happy with that. Not entirely, but it’s a good start. I will be working on getting a tutorial with some basic strategy up shortly, along with some neatness features to let you know who has won, who has lost, whose turn it is, etc.
To all three of you, good day!